Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey (er.. Robin Jones)

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well.  I am having a bedrest day.  I need to replenish my spoons after using way too many the last few days.  After a stressful and physically demanding day yesterday, I have the energy of a slug and my body feels like someone just poured salt on me (I can only imagine how much that would hurt).  So I thought I'd use this down time to post a few thoughts.

The hubby and I will be returning to Atlanta to see Dr. Shoffner on March 1st.  That is 12 weeks from my last appointment.  He had said that the tests take about 6 to 8 weeks.  However, his first available appt was March 1st and they like to give enough time to make sure that I won't make arrangements to travel to Atlanta before my tests results are back.  I'm also sure that someone like him doesn't work much around the holidays.  I wouldn't if I made the kind of money I'm sure he makes.  We will be flying this time.  Since it's a 12 hour drive, it will cost the same for us to fly there and back within the same day that it would to drive and have to get a hotel room one or two nights, as well as the rising cost of gas (we have to fund all of that cool stuff in Dubai!).

I have taken up a new hobby.  A hobby that I would have never thought I would have in my wildest dreams.  I started cross stitching!  I know, shocking, right?  The girl who couldn't sit for 2 minutes without getting bored.  The girl who loves to run, drive motorcycles, climb mountains, and even clean house.  Anything that would require me to up moving, and sometimes moving fast.  But, I finally gave in.  I finally realized that I'm not running any marathons any time soon.  I finally realized that I have officially been on my couch for over a year now.  I finally realized that my life has changed and I need to change with it.  Even if I am kicking, screaming and dragging my feet while doing so.

So, I am comfortable that my friend will not have time to read my blog.  She just gave birth to twin boys about a week ago.  She also has a son who is a little less than 2 years old at home.  Since I am pretty sure she won't be reading this, I can tell you that I am cross stitching a present for her.  It's great because it keeps me busy while I'm lying or sitting down.  I am also a very goal oriented person.  So now I have a goal to finish my project.  I really wish, however, she could have held off on giving birth a little bit longer.  She was only 33 weeks along and I am no where near ready yet!  And you know, it's all about me!  (please note the sarcasm font)

Another one of my deep thoughts....  Men are such babies!!!  You know, women get a bad rap for being melodramatic.  However, when men get their feelings hurt, they can also be melodramatic.  Some men (not all, but most) become so childish when they get their feelings hurt or their pride injured.  Put a band-aid on your pride and move on.  What is it about men and their damn pride?  Get over yourself!  It's not all about you.  (it's about me. ;-)

" If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is, that God is crying, and If he asks why God is crying, I think another cute thing to tell him is, that God is crying because of something he did "- Jack Handey

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Have a good day everyone!

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