Friday, July 29, 2011

Running away

Sometimes I just want to run away from home.  I just get to the point sometimes where I just want to get in my car and start driving and not stop until I have to.
I have been so close to doing so.  I just wish I could be spontaneous.  I SO need a vacation.  I was laying in bed late one night surfing the web and came across some information about cheap travel.  I got stuck.  I almost bought a vacation package.
However, I think being spontaneous and going somewhere fun at the last minute is what I need.  You know, sometimes I wish I could live like I only have 6 months left.  I am too damn responsible to do anything spontaneous.  I have to evaluate and re-evaluate everything, especially when it comes to spending money.
Damn responsibilities.  I wish they would just go the fuck away.

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