Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sick and disabled people are...

Today, I'd just like to share a picture.

The picture was created by a woman with Mitochondrial Disease.  She was doing a project in which she's supposed to do a self portrait that makes a statement about society.  The picture below is the result.  It is a very profound statement so I wanted to share.

If you can't see the print at the top, it's a google search that says, "disabled people are". The auto-complete on google gives 4 options...
Disabled people are... annoying
Disabled people are... useless
Disabled people are... rude
Disabled people are... a burden to society

If you go to google right now and test it, you will find that nothing comes up in auto-complete.  She completed the project last November.  Google has since deleted the auto-correct.
Here's an article that mentions the awful things that can be found on google's auto-correct - "Girls and women should be seen and not heard"

The auto-correct feature on google represents the searches used the most.  It is so sad to see those phrases come up as the most common things searched for after "disabled people are".

It's sad, but true.  The majority of people look down on disabled people (no pun intended... but still funny.. ha ha).  We're stared at because we're different.  We're stared at because people are curious.  We're stared at because we're being judged.

We know what people are thinking, because every now and then it's shared...
"Why are you parking in handicapped when you're so young and can walk?"
"You can walk, but you're using a wheelchair... Are you lazy?  You're so young and you don't look sick."
"There's another person that I'm supporting with my hard earned money."

If someone is staring at a disabled person, and the disabled person says something about it, who is the rude one?  I'm sure everyone's response is, "Obviously, the person staring".  However, in that moment, it is usually the disabled person who is looked down upon and judged for commenting about it.

I do think that the world is a better place than it was 25, 50, and 100 years ago, but we still have a ways to go.  Judging people for being different is nothing new.  That doesn't mean it should continue.

Black, white, or purple, we're all equal.
Gay, straight, or trisexual, we're all equal.
Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or Pastafarian (wiki it if you're not familiar) we're all equal.
Healthy, chronically ill, or suffering from a cold, we're all equal.

Able bodied or disabled... We are ALL equal.

Do NOT judge people because they are different than you!!!

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