Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first post...

As I seem to have a lot on my mind these days, I decided to start a blog. So here I am. I was diagnosed with POTS last winter, but I started having problems as early as Aug. '09. I really wish I would have started this blog last Fall. It really would've helped me to log my journey through all of this crap I've been going through.
I quit working due to my extreme headaches in the beginning of December and I haven't been back. I stayed on medical leave for awhile though. I ended up at the Mayo clinic in the end of March because the docs around here couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong. They thought it was POTS, but "there's something else going on".
Sure enough, after a week at Mayo (and thousands of $$), they diagnosed me with POTS. Unfortunately, I left there feeling as if they still haven't figured it all out. I have been home for 2 months now and I have felt the whole time as if something more is wrong.
In addition to my medical problems, my husband has been unemployed since last August. He went back to school for IT in Sept. It was a short program and he completed all of his certifications by the middle of Feb. We did fine with money while I was working because I made enough to cover us, as long as we made a few cut-backs (and his student loans helped a little). However, now we have no income other than unemployment. Oh yeah, I carried the health insurance. So we now have to pay a TON of money for cobra insurance each month. Luckily, my parents can help us out. Otherwise, we'd be homeless by now. Regardless, I absolutely HATE taking handouts. I have always wanted to earn my money. I have relied on my parents enough in my life. I should be done by now!

Well, this is just a post to tell you a little more and me and my situation. I will probably post often as this will be my sounding board. Please feel free to post any comments, feedback, etc.

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Brian Baxter said...

I am so glad you started a blog and I will be following. I just wanted to say thank you for being a nurse. I have had a few bad ones, but often times the nurses were so kind to me. They were the only ones who listed and believed me. There was this one in the ER last year who held my foot and talked to me. I will never forget that.

I hate taking handouts too. I completely understand. :-)