Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well, the title pretty much says it all.  Bleh! Other words that could be used are... Yuck. Meh. Blah.

The last few days I have felt awful.  My headache has been bad (worse than normal).  I've been nauseous,  dizzy, my muscles have been hurting worse than normal, and the ringing in my ears has been worse.  I have also had the energy of a slug.  Hmmm... Actually, I bet slugs have a lot of energy.  They would have to in order to get very far since they move so slowly.  Then again, maybe they don't have energy so that's why they move so slow.  Okay, so I've had the energy of a sloth.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Over the last week, my symptoms, especially the fatigue, have increased.  I just don't understand it.  I have increased my water and gatorade intake. Yesterday I did nothing but rest, mostly in bed, thinking that I could build my energy level back up again.  No go!  I still feel awful.

My step-mom did mention this morning that my dad has had a virus that gave him a headache and kept him in bed for a couple of days.  "I don't have any congestion or other signs of a virus, though," I said.  She stated that he didn't either.  Well, I hope she's right.  I hope this is just a virus and will, therefore, go away in a couple of days.

If it's not, I will just have more to talk about when I go back to the neuromuscular doctor on Oct. 15th.  I see the pulmonologist he wanted me to see tomorrow.  I'm sure they won't find anything.  Just like the other pulmonologists I've already seen.

Now, keep in mind I'm not trying to score points.  I'm just whining because I to bitch every now and then or I will explode... and you are an innocent bystander.


Achelois said...

Just found your blog via Michelle @ living with bob. Having added your blog to my reader I thought it only polite to say Hi.

I have read nearly all of your posts albeit backwards which after I had done that I realised perhaps the logical way would have been to start at the beginning but no matter!

I have ehlers danlos and at the grand old age of 46 realise probably POTS also. Presently in denial on the latter but very concernced that my daughter who also has EDS inherited from me is showing severe POTS symptoms. Aged 20.
I read through your blog nodding my head so many times. I can't change anything for you but I do understand, I really do.

Your post titled 'Liar' rang so many bells. I often think if I said to people I had MS that would enable them to understand why I achieve F'all. But like you I lie and say 'very well thankyou' How I wish I could do big fat lies and say actually I have MS not EDS afterall they are only letters the symptoms are so similar. But it would be morally wrong to do that, so I say I have EDS as you say I have POTS and I am sure you like I have experienced the glazed expressions and lack of interest from the majority. As you say at the onset of the chronic condition particularly if its rare one certainly finds out whose one friends are. POTS,EDS just letters really which not many understand MS and they get it. It pisses me, I don't blame people for their ignorance truly I don't but it is very very frustrating.

Anyway as usual I have gone on too long. I only meant to say,I understand and take care.

Robin said...


Thank you very much for stopping by to say hello. It is always reassuring to hear someone describe thoughts and feelings that are the same as your own. I often feel very alone with this condition because of the same reasons you stated. No one understands it like they would MS or some other well known disease.

I am glad that I can help you by letting you know that you're not alone out there... as you have done for me. Thanks!