Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ahhh... Vomiting is fun!

Not really.

Sorry I haven't updated much recently.  As I've discussed in my previous few posts, I have not been doing well recently.  My GI system is so messed up right now.  And that's putting it lightly.  I finally found out today the final results of one of the tests I had called a Sitz marker test.  For this test, I had to take a pill that contains a bunch of very small rings that can be seen by xray.  I had a xray 5 days after taking the pill.  I should've had another xray a few days after that, and another one a few days after that.  However, my GI doctor screwed up.  Soooo... instead, I ended up having a xray 5 days after taking the pill and again 19 days after taking the pill.  However, it still showed my doctor what she was looking for: dysmotility. There are 24 rings in the pill that looks like this...  

I don't know exactly how many I had in my system on day five.  I talked to someone in radiology (because of the screw up) and she counted while I was on the phone.  She ended up saying... "a lot."  I still had a couple of those rings in my system on day 19.  So, in other words, it takes me almost a month to digest my food.

I didn't really need the tests to tell me that my GI system isn't moving.  Especially after today.  I have had an AWFUL day.  I woke up this morning actually feeling okay.  Then, I just knew it was going to be a good day after I had a bowel movement. (I won't include a picture for this one.)  Keep in mind, that doesn't happen very often.

Well, I was wrong.  I ate breakfast and it all went downhill from there.  About 30 min. after eating some cheerios and taking my morning pills, I became very nauseous.  In addition to that, I had a killer headache.  Both continued getting worse throughout the day.  At around lunchtime I couldn't take the pain anymore (the pain that was bringing me to tears).  My nausea had let up a little bit so I ate a couple of crackers with a little peanut butter and took some pain pills and a migraine pill.  About an hour later they violently came back up again.  That really made my headache better!  (please note that I am fluent in sarcasm)

So, I have not drank or ate much of anything today.  Which is soooo not good for people with mito and/or dysautonomia.  My energy level is, of course, about null right now.  I have fallen asleep/taken a nap about 4 or 5 times today.

I talked to the nurse at my GI docs office.  That was productive, as always.  (there's that sarcasm again)  I don't have the energy to explain how stupid they are, so maybe I'll go into it later.

I will soon be pushing for IV fluids.  On a "normal" day right now, I'm not getting enough fluids.  My new, new normal that is... since my GI issues got worse.  If I drink too much water, or any other liquid, I get very nauseous.  Vomiting is actually NOT fun, so I don't drink very much, or eat very much so I don't get to that point.  Amazingly enough, I'm not losing any weight.  I wish I at least had that benefit of hardly eating.  Then again, I was eating okay a month or two ago and I'm probably still digesting that food.  Plus, I don't move much, especially on the days that I'm not eating or drinking much.

So, now you're up to date.  And now you know why I haven't been posting much recently or called you or returned your call or emailed you, etc.  I will probably be using the blog to keep everyone up to date for awhile.  So, keep checking back if you want to know what's going on.

I hope everyone else is doing well.  Sending much love your way!

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