Thursday, November 29, 2012


I want to share a poem with you all.  I'm sure everyone dealing with Mito, POTS, or any other chronic, debilitating illness can understand exactly how this feels.  Thank you, Sarah, for writing such a beautiful, meaningful poem.

By Sarah Aumick

Hear my screams
My cries of anguish
As my heart shatters in my chest
Deep in my breast
A hole resides
Tearing my apart inside
As I try
Try so hard
To live up to everyone’s expectation
To laugh and smile
As my heart breaks
All I ask is, “Do you see past my smile?”
Hear the cry in my laugh
And the scream in my prayer
Give me a hand up
Pat me on the back
Because I’m struggling
And all I need is an acknowledgement that I’m in pain
So hear my scream.

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