Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm back... kind of.

Well, after a LOT of thought and consideration, I have decided to start posting on my blog again.  However, things are going to change a little, as I have changed... a lot.  Many of my posts were there to update people (friends and family) of my condition.  However, as I have learned that people's love is, many times, conditional and sometimes faked, I will no longer be posting to update anyone on my current condition.  The people who really care, will find out because they live with me or talk to me regularly.  They can just ask me in person.  Now, there will, of course, be discussion about how I'm feeling or the ways this disease is affecting me.  That's what this blog is all about.  However, I will not post for the sole purpose of updating people.

On the other hand, many of my posts have been written and posted for the purpose of educating others about Mitochondrial Disease, dysautonomia/POTS, and the ways those diseases affect me.  That is the reason why I'm going to blog again.  I have had quite a few people email me or comment on my blog saying that it has helped them over the last couple of years.  The other day I came across one of my blog posts on Pinterest. (and no, it wasn't someone I know)  I think that's what made me finally decide to start posting again, after going back and forth about it for the past month.  I am not going to let a few former family members words keep me from helping others.

Unfortunately, I've had to make another change.  Awhile back I changed my comments settings so that I moderated them before they could be posted.  However, I've learned that that's not enough.  A former family member was using the anonymity of the internet to say unsupportive and hurtful things to me.  So, because of that person, I have had to disable the ability to post anonymously.  Because she is too cowardly to say those things to my face or even just using her name on the internet, I believe that those comments will stop if I disable the anonymous posting.  I cannot and will not deal with someone being unsupportive and hurtful.  So, I am sorry that everyone else has to deal with signing up for a service they might not want to sign up for since I'm not allowing anonymous posting.  It's another case of one person ruining it for everyone else.

So, welcome, or welcome back.  I hope everyone's having a good, spoon-filled day.  If not, I understand and I hope you have a good day soon.  


Samantha said...

<3 you Robin. You know that you inspire me every single day.

Angie said...

I'm glad you decided to come back to your blog. I am always rooting for you : )

tweetysvoice said...

You go girl!

Unknown said...

Have been reading your blog after you decided to start posting again. You're inspiring, Robin. The world needs more fighters. :)