Wednesday, August 10, 2011


There have been a number of incidents recently that have led me to write this post.  This is, however, directed at everyone.

I am SO sick and tired of people hiding behind their electronics.  Now, don't get me wrong, I've been guilty of it myself a time or two.  However, I am definitely a proponent of talking.  NOT emailing.  NOT texting.  NOT Facebook messaging/commenting/chatting.  NOT commenting on blogs (especially anonymously).  If you have a problem with me, call me.  If you have something you want to talk to me about, stop by.  If you want to tell me my new haircut isn't the right style for me, do it!  Don't talk behind my back.  Don't say stuff to me via email, facebook, blog comments, text, etc. unless you are able to also say it to my face.  Or, unless you are able to listen to what I have to say in return, but via talking, not typing.  What happened to TALKING to people???  I'm not that old, but I still remember the days in which we had no other choice but to talk to people.

I don't care if it will hurt my feelings.  I hate it so much more when people hide behind their electronics because they are too chicken shit to say it to me personally.  Grow up, people!

I am going to take a break from Facebook for awhile.  The only reason I plan on even logging in is because I use it as a support group.   With so few people in this country with mito, we have to have an online support group instead of one face to face.  Something I wish I could change.  It just doesn't help near as much.  Anyway, I'm getting off topic.  For some reason things that get said on there frequently get taken the wrong way.  Or, "defriending" someone on facebook is evidently the same as telling someone to their face that you no longer want to be their friend or speak to them again. (It's not that dramatic to me.) However, when any of those situations arise, instead of calling me or coming over to discuss it, the worst is assumed and left at that.

From now on, if you would like to talk to me about something more serious than the weather or what you had for lunch, call me.  If you don't know my number, feel free to email me to ask me what it is so you can then call me.  Or, for that matter, try the phone book; we're still in it considering that we have a land line.  If I supposedly say or do something to hurt, bother, annoy, or otherwise upset you in any way, call me to discuss.  You never know, maybe I had ZERO intentions of doing so considering the fact that I do not ever plan on intentionally hurting anyone.  If I took you off of my friends list on Facebook and you would like to know why (instead of assuming you know), call me!  I'm happy to discuss it with you over the phone or face to face.   If I said something on my blog that you disagree with, want to hear more about, or you just plain want to yell at me about, please... please call me.

I have a whole hell of a lot of people who have talked behind my back, disrespected me, thought that I was lying, judged me, or just stopped talking to me all together with zero explanation in the last 2 years.  I am SICK of it!!!  Everybody just needs to grow some freaking balls and talk to me.  Talking behind my back?  Say it to my face instead.  Think I'm lying?  Ask me.  I'll tell you the truth; even though I probably was in the first place.  Don't want to be my friend or talk to me anymore?  Call me to tell me that and tell me why. If you were actually my friend in the first place, then you owe me that.  Judging me or disrespecting me???  Go take a long walk off a short cliff. (I just edited that from what I really said.  Think four letting word followed by "off")

If you can't talk to me via phone or face to face about anything you can say via facebook, email, texting, blog comments, or pigeon carrier, then I do not need you in my life.

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Stacy Cowan said...

People suck!!! Sorry you've had/have some shitty people in it. I can understand some of how you're feeling as far as "friends" are concerned. I know there are a lot of good people out there, but I seem to attract the two face ones. I've kinda given up on people myself. I just don't trust many anymore. Sounds like you're in the same situation to an extent. If you ever need to vent, you have my or text anytime. I will warn you in advance, if I miss the call I'm terrible at remembering to return it. But, I'm a professional texter! LOL! :-) Considering, hope all is well with you and the family!! Stick to your guns and your beliefs....screw everyone else!! :)