Thursday, August 11, 2011

New hobbies/ways to keep me out of trouble

I have recently been getting bored with the facebook games I play, watching tv, and reading (more so than normal).  Soooooo... I have been considering and/or starting new hobbies.  My 5 y/o is growing her bangs out so she's wearing bows in her hair a lot right now.  However, many days she does not come home with the bow she was wearing when she was dropped off at school.  Therefore, I decided to make some of my own.

So here's my new project (which I am considering turning into something more)...

The picture really doesn't do them any justice.  These are the first few bows that I made.  Considering that, I thought they looked pretty good.


Anonymous said...

GREAT idea!!! I know a girl from college that sells hers on Make some cute Halloween ones for the girls and I'll buy them from you!!! :) If you can do this, you can scrapbook! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Barb said...

Those are so cute. It looks like you've been making them for awhile. Judy has been looking for them everywhere we go. I don't think we have seen any that are nearly as cute & the right size. Bows for little people are not plentiful. Sounds like the bow project is a good idea....can't wait to see her wearing them.

Stacy Cowan said...

These are super cute!! I have a few friends as well that sell theirs to friends and family on facebook. And, a few friends sell some on as well. From what they say it's a pretty popular thing right now and easy to make some extra money if your supply cost are low. Hopefully, this bambino will be a girl and I'll buy some from you!! Or you can make big girl ones for me!! :)

Good job!! They look great!!