Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I wish I could say I enjoyed my Labor Day weekend, but I can't.  It wasn't awful, but nothing spectacular either. I think I got my hopes up that we were going to do something extraordinarily fun this weekend.

I felt awful on Saturday; really weak, fatigued, horrible migraine for most of the day, when that finally went away, my muscles hurt like all hell.  I have wondered if my migraine medicine makes my muscle pain and weakness worse.  My muscles are terribly tender after I take it.  Weird.

Feeling bad on Sat. was no big deal since it was hotter than hades.  However, Sunday and Monday have been gorgeous.  I did enjoy a little bit of my weekend.  Very little... but very enjoyable.  The hubby and I left the girls at home while we went to the dog park with our dear doggy, Leia.  Chris walked while I wheeled around on the path in the dog park while Leia ran her ass off.  We hadn't done that in ages.  I used to love enjoying some fresh air and getting some exercise while watching Leia run and play with the other dogs.  Chris and I held hands while we "walked" around the path and talked without 20 million interruptions from kids.  And Leia obviously ran hard because she's been limping ever since.

That night, Sunday, we watched Gnomeo and Juliet with the girls while eating pizza.  After "D" went to bed (the 5 y/o), Chris and I "partied" (that's the term I use for something that I can't discuss in front of children or online.  If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it... but if you think about it long enough, you might figure it out) and I beat his ass in Mario Kart on the Wii.  hehe  For some reason I'm a lot better at Mario Kart when I'm "partying".

Today was the let down day.  I suppose it's mostly because the day was coming to an end and we still hadn't gotten out and done anything different than any other weekend (for the most part).  I guess I was mostly let down because of this...
This morning I had a great idea that I was really excited about.  I decided to completely redo our front landscaping.  The people who lived here before us (over 5 years ago) did an excellent job of designing and planting a beautiful garden (flowers and plants, not fruits and veggies).  However, since my thumb is more of a bluish purple than green, it has slowly declined into more of a jungle than a garden.

So, I thought that I, with Chris' help, would research, design, and plant a new garden.  I spent at least 2 hours researching gardening, plants and flowers, and designs online.  Then I spent an hour outside with my laptop trying to figure out what flowers to plant and what design to use.  Then, I was talking to Chris about it and we slowly came to the realization that we can't do anything in our landscaping until we fix our f'd up front steps that are slowly falling (okay, maybe not so slowly anymore).

So, I was completely let down.  I was on such a high from the excitement of a new project to keep me busy and make me proud of when it was all said and done.  I know... don't sweat the small stuff.  I'm better now.  It just really sucked right at first since I had spent so much time planning as well as getting excited about it.

Now I'm watching "Paul" in my bed with Chris while I'm posting on my blog.

Well, maybe it wasn't such a bad weekend after all.

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